How do I know when God is speaking to me?

Hearing God can be illusive. Many times I’ve had people ask, “How do I know when Trinity is speaking to me?

There are no formulas. It’s a very individual conversation, each time. His Voice is happening 24/7. Tapping into that for yourself takes practice. Watch out for expectations about how that is supposed to happen. 

Hearing Trinity might be found…in signs (circumstances, situations, timing, miracles, etc.)…in sensing Voice while praying…in actual, audible voice…through other people (words, books, etc.)…through Creation…through an inward prompting…through inward light…through an overwhelming, inward peace.

The most sure way for hearing Trinity is through transformational Bible reading. It’s more than just reading a Bible. It’s interacting with the words, the phrases, the nuances as if you are speaking to another person…which you are! While reading and meditating, you may experience stabs, brightness (aura), holy fear, laughter, the Scripture jumping out at you, and other individual experiences.

“What if I don’t have a hearing God experience?”


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